About Us

Feel My India is a health and wellness blog site that primarily focuses on providing our readers with insights, skin and body care remedies, home-based remedies, guides, advises and more.

We do not promote, market, sell or up-sell any product whatsoever.


We provide suggestions when it comes to choosing the best skin and body care products. Our research caters toward organic products. This includes Ayurveda products as well, since such products are also prepared using ingredients that are available as natural resources on our planet.

We do not encourage our readers to use skincare and body care products that are produced using synthetic and artificial compounds.

In addition to organic products, we also encourage our readers to boost their lifestyle and well-being through yoga and meditation, as these are more than just exercise.

Our guides contain helpful insights on performing yoga and meditation. We believe that health and wellness are crucial gifts to each and every one of us. The only challenge, however, is how we make the most of what is gifted to us.

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