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Benefits of curry leaves, medicinal properties, benefits and Disadvantage

The benefits of curry leaves are known by most people as Meetha neem, which is a very beneficial herb. Meetha neem or sweet neem tree is found in India and nowadays its demand has become all over the world. In English it is called curry tree and its scientific name is Murraya koenigii. Curry leaves have many health benefits, which help in curing many health ailments. Nowadays, dried curry leaves are available in the market, which are mainly used as a spice used in the kitchen. According to Ayurveda, many such health-promoting properties are found in curry leaves, which can eliminate many health diseases from the root.

Benefits of curry leaves:

Many health benefits can be found from sweet neem leaves, which include –

1. Curry leaves strengthen the immune system

Special elements are found in curry leaves, which work as antioxidants in the body. Consuming curry leaves reduces your risk of falling ill. A study found that curry leaves also help your body fight problems like genetic mutations.

2. Curry leaves to help prevent breast cancer

Many such special elements are found in curry leaves, which work as destroying breast cancer cells. However, studies are still going on on this.

3. Curry leaves are effective in preventing the destruction of brain cells

Some studies were done on rats and it was found that curry leaves not only prevent the destruction of brain cells but also help in reducing the effects of already destroyed brain cells. This can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and many other brain problems.

4. Curry leaves to remove the risk of heart diseases

Some studies on animals have found that proper consumption of curry leaves helps in reducing bad cholesterol and triglyceride in the body. Increased LDL and triglyceride levels increase the risk of cardiovascular complications.

5. Keep curry leaves away from swelling

Some studies suggest that curry leaves have many anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce chronic inflammation in the body. However, there is no concrete information about how effectively curry leaves work in reducing swelling and redness. However, all the above mentioned health benefits are based on lab tests and tests, so their effect may vary from person to person. Consult a doctor before using curry leaves as a treatment.

Side Effects of Curry Leaf:

Sweet neem is usually used in very small quantities in food and beverages, due to which any adverse effect is almost negligible. However, if it is consumed in excess, it can upset the stomach and may also cause symptoms such as heartburn, gas formation and nausea. Some people may also be allergic to curry leaves, so if you are going to consume it for the first time, then use it in a small amount first.

How to use of Curry leaf:

Sweet neem leaves are mainly used in curry, dal, rice, curd and raita, etc., with the help of which the aroma and taste of dishes are enhanced. Consuming sweet neem leaves also provides many health benefits. How to consume curry leaves

  • Curry leaves can be consumed by adding it to curry, rice or other dishes.
  • Soak two curry leaves overnight in a glass of water and drink it in the morning.
  • Boil some curry leaves in a glass of water, now mix one spoon of honey and half a spoon of lemon and consume it.
  • Talk to a doctor to know the proper dosage of curry leaves for you
  • However, consult a doctor once before consuming curry leaves.

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