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Buy the Best Powder Cleanser in India for Men & Women

If the regular foaming face wash and soaps tend to dry out or irritate your skin. The powder cleansers are the perfect alternative for you. Powder cleanser is similar to traditional ubtan used for bathing in ancient India. They consist of a herbal blend that cleanses the skin without stripping it of moisture. They are ideal for all skin types as they only activate when water is added.

What is a Powder Cleanser? 

The Best powder cleanser sounds like a facial cleanser in powder form, it is a waterless product. The base of a powder cleanser is a plant-based ingredient, and other wonderful herbal ingredients are added to boost skin cleansing benefits. Powder cleansers are essential for dehydration. It is a more effective and travel-friendly format that keeps your skin moisturized and leaves a brighter glow. They are advertised as a better form of cleaning.

Powder cleansers are actually powerful cleansers, largely because they contain no water, leaving all the ingredients effective and undiluted. These cleaners contain the ingredients in their most concentrated form – the results are almost instantaneous.

They also give you ease to adapt to them every time you use them. The quantity of water you include affects the exfoliation strength. So whether your skin is feeling congested, dry, or sensitive on any given day, the power is in your hand to use the cleanser to take care of your skin

Benefits of Powder Cleansers

  • It works effectively on scars, blemishes, age spots, freckles & pigments. They are great for all skin including sensitive skin.
  • These powder cleansers can give an additional level of cleansing and exfoliation.
  • Powder cleanser that naturally cleanses and soothes the skin making it smooth, radiant & healthy. It polishes the skin or removes the tan from the skin. 
  • If your skin feels squeezed after cleansing. Powder cleanser cleans skin without drying it and keeps the skin’s moisture.
  • Powder cleansers don’t just remove dirt, but also have nourishing and strengthening qualities. Powder cleansers are great for people looking for a daily cleanser and gentle exfoliator. 
  • Powder cleansers effectively polish the skin, remove tan, bring in an instant glow, and strengthens the skin barrier. The use of powder cleansers helps quick and better absorption of other skin care products like serums and oils.

Buy the best Powder Cleanser in India for Men and Women at the best prices with uncompromised quality, powerful products.

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