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Get Rid of Your Migraine Pain With Yoga

It is natural to have diseases like migraine pain in today’s run-of-the-mill life, but we can Get Rid of Your Migraine Pain With Yoga.


Usually, it is considered a normal headache, but it is not a simple headache, but rather a special kind of headache, which causes pain in the half of the head, and it also causes tingling in that part.

According to the Economics Times report, migraine is spreading very fast globally, causing 1 in 7 people suffering, if you talk about India, then there are about 150 million people here.

Despite this, it is unfortunate that people lack awareness of possible ways of treating migraines and this is the reason they are not able to get this head disease treated properly.

Therefore, it is necessary that they are given correct information about migraines so that they can be alert from the head disease.

If you also do not have complete knowledge of migraines, then you must read this article so that you can avoid head disease and stay healthy.

What is a Migraine?

The scientific cause of migraine is the spread of blood vessels of the patient’s head, and then the secretion of certain chemicals in it.


These chemicals are released due to the pressure exerted by nerve fibres.

Actually, when an artery or blood vessel spreads during a headache, it puts pressure on the nerve fibres.

This pressure causes chemical releases, causing swelling, pain, and dilation in the blood vessels. In this condition, the patient has a very severe headache.

Reasons for having  Migraines Problem


Allergies, tension, strong light, strong aroma, loud voice, smoke, no sleep schedule, fasting, alcohol, irregular periods, birth control pills, hormonal changes, in addition to having much quantity of fish, peanuts, citrus fruits, and pickles. This can be painful.


Usually, we all have occasional headaches. How to identify if it is a simple headache or migraine headache?


Migraine headaches are identified with ‘aura’. Aura is a visual disturbance, in which the patient intermittently sees a bright light, crooked lines, dark spots in front of the eyes, prickles in the skin, and weakness.

Apart from this, nausea, vomiting, low BP, light, and noise problems are other symptoms of migraine.

Dark circles under the eyes, anger, irritability, etc. can also be symptoms of migraine. Migraine can be predicted by recognizing one or more of these symptoms.

But keep in mind that the same symptoms can also be caused by some other disease.

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How can you benefit from yoga in migraine?

How to get rid of your migraine pain with yoga

There are many benefits of yoga (yoga benefits), you must have heard this thing a lot.


But do you know? That yoga is very good for pain relief from migraines (Yoga for Migraines). A new study has revealed that yoga not only provides relief in the pain of migraines, but it may also help to minimize the expense of its treatment.

A  study has been published by AIIMS in the journal ‘Neurology’, how migraine patients benefited by yoga.

This study says that yoga can work effectively in migraines. It provides relief from headache in migraine.

This new study says that yoga can help people suffering from migraines and provides relief in the headache caused by it.

Migraine can only be treated by medicines, but it also carries many types of side effects in the human body.

 As we know that many medicines give different types of negative effects in a human body, due to which around 10 per cent of the patients stop consuming them.

The study suggested that some of the people were given only traditional medicine, on the other side, some of them practised yoga, meditation, and exercises with the traditional treatment of migraines.

The study’s results show that yoga can not only reduce the pain of migraine but it may also help you to save money from unnecessary expenses while treatment,” it said in the statement of All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

Further, this study says, patients who were taught yoga for one hour each day three days a week under the supervision of yoga practitioners.

And this time period of practising yoga was expanded for two more months. As a result, the intensity, and frequency of headaches were reduced in both types of people.

But the group of people got more relief who were taking medicine with exercises and yoga practices. There are various yoga courses offered by yogtravel that you can check out and choose the one which is best suited for your needs

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