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What is medicine and how does Medicinal herb water act as Super medicine?

Many Medicinal herbs and teas offer harmless subtle ways to improve your health. Medicine is a substance, a drug in today’s time to treat and prevent disease.
And plants are the natural and strongest god gifted source of medicine to us.


The oldest system of medicine Ayurveda makes use of different plants to heal and restore the different disorders in the human body.

Up until the early 19th century, plants in different forms have been used extensively as medicine. Pharmacology and allopathic medicine are new and are often mimicked synthetically from a plant composition.

Medicinal Herbs plants have helped us create many drugs to treat various significant disorders in the human body for example aspirin.

Healing with plants is as old as mankind itself. And our bodies respond far better to natural treatments because of a bio connect that establishes between the body & the herb as compared to synthetics.

Herb waters are nutrient-rich super effective medicine in use for thousands of years. Clay distillation apparatus have been unearthed by archaeologists in different regions across the world.

medicinal herbs

Steam distilled herb waters are the ark of the herb used in distillation. The herb water/ark is very powerful- concentrated – nutrient-rich and highly helpful in treating and preventing various diseases.

So here at SNAANA they would like to bring back the lost tradition of treating the bodies with herbs. Know more about making of the herb water/ark of different herbs at snaana.com

Know the simple 10 best healing & wellbeing remedies so that we don’t reach out to nearby pharmacies / synthetically prepared pills for things we can set right with herbs. One bottle multiple use – coming soon

Why Medicine (medicinal Herbs)?

A human body needs medicine from time to time depending upon the various disorders a body faces due various external and internal factors. Herbs are indeed the best natural medicine to treat and prevent the occurrence of disease.

Plant based medicine when administered in right needed quality dosage can help body recover and live better life. And therefore these plant based remedies in the form of medicine are in existence past thousands of years.

Herb waters act as super effective medicine. Here is how

  1. Contain nutrient rich effective medicinal value.
  2. No dilution
  3. Prepared through traditional technique of steam distillation
  4. 100% chemical & preservative free

And here at SNAANA they want to bring back the traditional 10 best healing & wellbeing remedies so that we don’t reach out to nearby pharmacy/ synthetically prepared pills for things we can set right with herbs like

  1. Cold & cough
  2. Indigestion
  3. Eye fatigue
  4. Bad immunity
  5. Dental Care
  6. Acne pimple skin concerns
  7. Dry skin concerns
  8. Hair fall concerns
  9. Morning & motion sickness

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